Midmark M9 / Midmark M11 Monthly Maintenance

The Maintenance for your Midmark autoclave is one of the most important things to perform for any clinical office.

Door and Dam Gaskets

The first step you’ll want to remember is to inspect your gaskets. The door and dam gaskets sit on the inside of the chamber door. The manuals say you don’t have to change them often, but we recommend changing them at least monthly to prevent leaks.

Midmark M9 Door Gasket (allstatesmed.com)

Midmark M11 Door Gasket (allstatesmed.com)

The Trays

Take the trays out of the chamber and make sure they are free of dirt or debris. This is a good chance to clean them with a scrub pad and some distilled water as they tend to rust quite easily.

Midmark M9 Small Tray (allstatesmed.com)

Midmark M9 Large Tray (allstatesmed.com)

Midmark M11 Small Tray (allstatesmed.com)

Midmark M11 Large Tray (allstatesmed.com)


The Bottom of the Chamber

Inspect the bottom of the chamber thoroughly for anything that could’ve gotten stuck from when the sterilization happened. Things like paper, needle tips, plastic pieces, anything of the sort. If you come across any foreign objects, remove them and move on to the next step.

Mesh Filters

Always good to check the mesh vent filters inside the chamber for any debris. You can clean them with a toothbrush and some Speed Clean if you need to.

Midmark M9 / M11 Chamber Filter Kit (allstatesmed.com)

Temp Sensor

Inspect the Temperature Sensor in the back of the chamber. The sensor is the straight probe that sticks out through the back center. Check the probe for any dirt or debris, clean it if it needs to be.

 Midmark M9 / M11 Temp Sensor FOR NEW STYLE UNITS (allstatesmed.com)

Run a Speed Clean Cycle

To fully clean out the chamber and later reservoir, you’re going to run a Speed Clean cycle. Wait for the chamber to cool off and add 1 oz of Speed Clean into the chamber itself. You’re then going to run an unwrapped cycle from a cold start. Once the cycle completes, just filter out the reservoir with fresh water as usual.

 Midmark Speed Clean Case of 12 (allstatesmed.com)

The Pressure Relief Valve

You can do this part while you run your above-mentioned Speed Clean cycle. To test the pressure relief valve, simply pull up on it and let it go. It should spring back into place with no problems. That is your indicator that it is working.


And with that, your monthly maintenance for your Midmark M9/M11 is complete. Your unit is ready for the next work day ahead.

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