Shop with All States M.E.D. for reliable surgical equipment that fits your budget and meets your needs. Read about five things you’ll need to open a new surgical center.

1. Vital Signs Monitors

Continuously monitor body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration rate to ensure patients stay within normal parameters. We offer new and refurbished vital signs monitors to help you ensure the best surgical outcome for patients.

2. Surgical Table

Power procedure tables keep patients secure and provide comfortable cushioning during surgery. Use the electric controls to precisely position patients and reduce the risk of staff injuries. Position patients for optimal access to the surgical site and the patient’s comfort.

For smaller spaces, you can use an efficient surgical chair. Reposition the patient with a hand-held remote control or foot control. Keep patients in the right position with arm boards and stirrups.

3. Surgery Room Lights

Surgical lights illuminate a specific area so that surgery and medical professionals can see everything clearly, helping to keep the procedure efficient and alleviate personnel’s eye strain and fatigue.

Compared to conventional lights, surgery room lights produce very white light. The hue helps surgery teams clearly see tones of flesh and fluid.

4. Electrosurgical Generator

An electrosurgical generator provides power during surgical operations. Surgeons use electrosurgery for eye procedures, gynecological surgery, laparoscopy, and more.

The generator produces a range of electrical waveforms to accomplish different tasks. Special features in automatic safety systems enhance the user’s control and improve surgical outcomes.

5. Specialized Surgical Equipment

Surgical centers provide an array of health care services to patients, and All States M.E.D. carries specialized equipment for these procedures. Our high-frequency desiccators are ideal for most skin procedures and topical applications. Use the desiccator to treat or remove skin tags, warts, moles, spider veins, seborrheic keratoses, and more.

Use fast and reliable lasers to remove tattoos, manage age spots, remove unwanted hair, and more. Our high-performing lasers will help you achieve the results your patients desire.

All States M.E.D. provides quality medical equipment and excellent customer service. Shop with us today to get the five things you’ll need to open a new surgical center.