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Olympus HYF‑XP Hysteroscope
Save $ 1,750
Olympus CLV-190 Light Source EVIS EXERA III
Save $ 1,000
Olympus CV-190 Video Processor EVIS EXERA III
Olympus BF-XP40 Bronchoscope
Olympus BF-PE2 Bronchoscope
Olympus BF-P180 Video Bronchoscope
Olympus BF-P40 Bronchoscope
Olympus BF-P30 Bronchoscope
Olympus BF-N20 Bronchoscope
Olympus BF-3C30 Bronchoscope
Olympus BF 1TQ180 Video Bronchoscope

Improve endoscopic diagnostic and treatment procedures with All States M.E.D.’s endoscopy equipment for bedside, emergency, ICU, and operating room uses. Enhanced image details make gastrointestinal, respiratory, and gynecological exams easier for healthcare teams and result in more effective treatments.

Our endoscopy equipment minimizes patient discomfort while healthcare teams monitor and treat tumors, ulcers, infections, and more. On top of high-resolution imaging, our collection of endoscopy supplies includes ergonomically designed grips that enhance scope maneuverability.

We carry devices from major manufacturers, such as Olympus, Storz, and Stryker. Quality endoscopy equipment supports accurate diagnoses and precise treatment. Improve the healthcare experience for your patients with endoscopes from All States M.E.D.

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