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ColpoStar 1H Colposcope
TriScope with Trulight-4 leg Base
TriStar with Trulight
Wallach Zoom Series Colposcope
Wallach Zoom Series Colposcope
When you need new and used medical devices and equipment, All States M.E.D. offers a selection of colposcope machines designed to help your facility run smoothly. Find portable colposcopes from reputable brands, including from the ColpoStar, TriScope, TriStar, and Wallach Zoom series. Give your office an update with state-of-the-art colposcopes—they’re available in various options. Whether you need a machine with maximum magnification and visualization type, or you want one with or without video capabilities, All States M.E.D. has the mobile and durable machines you need.

Browse through our selection of colposcope machines below. If you have any questions about equipment specifications or price, please give us a call.

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