All States M.E.D. carries the equipment you need to open a new medical practice. Provide accurate and timely care with our selection of new and refurbished medical instruments. Our selection features options that will suit a range of budgets and patient needs.

Invest in efficient, accurate, and user-friendly medical diagnostic equipment. Our vital signs equipment makes it easier to monitor body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration rate. Take accurate blood pressure measurements with the right blood pressure cuffs. We offer infant neonatal, small adult, adult, large adult, and extra-large adult blood pressure cuff sizes.

Conduct a non-invasive examination of internal organs and structures with our portable and console ultrasound systems. New and refurbished diagnostic ultrasounds provide accurate images that help you diagnose, treat, and monitor medical conditions.

Portable ultrasounds feature compact and ergonomic designs for easy movement and placement. A portable ultrasound can help reduce patient wait time because you can take the machine to the patient rather than have them wait for the equipped room to become available.

Insufficient lighting can lengthen examinations and contribute to eye strain and fatigue. Task lighting will enhance the performance and efficiency of your new practice. Place ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and portable floor models where you need them most. LED bulbs provide bright illumination for a long time and are economical to replace.

Furnish rooms with accessible equipment you need in your new medical practice. You can adjust power exam tables precisely with the push of a button. Patients who need mobility support can transfer more easily onto the table independently or with the help of personnel. Power exam tables and chairs enhance patient comfort and confidence and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Overall, reliable equipment is key to the success of your new venture. Whether you’re shopping for streamlined models or equipment with the latest features, provide your team members with the medical instruments they need. Shop today for essential equipment and models with the latest features.