Surgical Smoke Evacuators

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ConMed AER DEFENSE Smoke Evacuation System
Buffalo Plume SafeSmoke Evacuator
Bovie Aaron Smoke Shark III Evacuator - NEW
Save $ 300
Buffalo Smoke Shark Smoke Evacuator - CERTIFIED REFURBISHED
Biovac Smoke Evacuator
It might surprise many people to learn that, during surgery, smoke, dust, and other particulates emit. These can create an unsafe work environment for both surgeon and patient as these particulates inhibit vision and air quality. That’s why every surgeon needs a surgical smoke evacuator. Smoke evacuators clear away any particulates to maintain a safe environment. At All States M.E.D., we carry the best surgical smoke evacuators on the market. Our smoke evacuators have quiet, high-powered motors, adjustable handles, and disposable one-piece filters. They are compatible with any electrosurgical, laser, or electrocautery units. With refurbished and monthly financing payment options, you’ll find the right smoke evacuator machine for your medical facility.

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