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Schiller SpiroScout PC Based UltraSound Spirometry System
Spirometry tests assess the functionality of your lungs through oxygen intake, rate of airflow, and any signs of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or other illnesses. Spirometry machines also help to monitor breathing and determine whether treatment can help. Healthcare providers must find the right spirometry machine for their office. That’s why All States M.E.D. offers only premium spirometry equipment at affordable prices. With no calibration needed for certain machines, you save time and increase turnover rates in assessments to see more patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. These machines are easy to use, portable, and some, like the Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Stress System, offer direct function keys for immediate emergency EKGs and on-board data management. Find your spirometry equipment for sale at All States M.E.D. today.

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