Tuttnauer sterilizers meet the rigorous infection control standards of medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical environments. With over 90 years of expertise, Tuttnauer has meticulously developed a range of autoclaves that combine ease of use with exceptional performance. The standard and customizable features of each sterilizer ensure a sterile, contaminant-free space.

Tuttnauer autoclaves boast customizable sterilization cycles, making them perfectly suited for various applications. Advanced precision-controlled technology ensures uniform temperature distribution to eliminate microbial life. Furthermore, their robust build and efficient operation reduce downtime, enhancing productivity while minimizing operating costs. These features make Tuttnauer devices an indispensable asset in ensuring safety and compliance in critical environments.

Our selection includes autoclaves equipped with custom and pre-programmed sterilization settings. The custom sterilization setting allows you to tailor sterilization cycles to match the unique needs of your instruments and materials, thereby enhancing efficiency and extending the lifespan of your valuable assets. Conversely, the pre-programmed setting simplifies the sterilization process, providing a quick, reliable, and error-free solution that ensures consistent results every time. These products are ideal for standard procedures and busy workflows.

We provide Tuttnauer autoclaves in various sizes, catering to everything from small clinics to large hospitals and research facilities. This versatility ensures that each establishment can find an autoclave that fits perfectly within their available space and meets their specific sterilization volume needs. An autoclave that matches your facility's volume needs and space constraints optimizes operational efficiency and guarantees uninterrupted sterile processing.

Over time, autoclaves may experience wear and tear, including seal deterioration, pressure leaks, or malfunctions in temperature controls, which can compromise the sterilization process and pose risks to both patients and staff members. This degradation not only reduces the efficiency and longevity of the equipment but can also lead to non-compliance with stringent health standards, making proactive maintenance essential. That’s why we also provide a range of Tuttnauer parts and supplies for autoclaves, including chamber filter kits, trays, and door gaskets.

Durable, reliable, and efficient Tuttnauer sterilizers represent the pinnacle of infection control technology. Advanced temperature and time controls, robust construction, and a range of size options all contribute to efficient sterilization. Shop our selection of Tuttnauer supplies to suit a wide range of items, including surgical instruments and laboratory glassware.