Looking To Sell Your Medical Equipment?

All States M.E.D. gives you the most value when you trade or sell used medical equipment. Make the most of your old inventory. Take advantage of extra savings when you trade medical equipment toward purchase of new or refurbished medical devices. Get a cash deal or replace equipment with whatever you need from our extensive selection of equipment for the operating room and medical facilities. We help you sell medical equipment easily.


Why Sell or Trade-In Your Medical Devices at All States M.E.D.?

Selling used medical equipment has numerous benefits. From clearing storage and floor space to having resources open up for new machines or devices, it’s a win-win situation for many medical facilities. At All States M.E.D., we work with various parties—including clinics, healthcare facilities, and hospitals—for both trade-ins and sales.

The equipment we receive is handed over to our experienced technicians who will determine whether it can be refurbished and resold at All States M.E.D. We ensure all refurbished equipment for sale meets our customers’ high-performance expectations.