All States M.E.D. carries an assortment of equipment that’s needed for a new operating room. You can complete surgical procedures deftly and safely with quality operating room equipment.

Our products help you achieve the best surgical outcomes. Establish and maintain the correct position with a durable operating table. Plus, electric controls make it easier for operating teams to put patients into optimal positions that prevent patient injury and provide accessibility to the surgical site. Electrohydraulic floor locks also keep the table in place.

A C-arm-compatible tabletop is a must for image-guided procedures. We carry C-arm fluoroscopic X-ray systems that help operators during neurology, nephrology, pain management, and other surgical procedures. Improve clinical workflow with precise imaging and a user-friendly design.

Operating room lights illuminate the surgical site for hours without producing drying heat. Work confidently and reduce eye strain thanks to proper illumination and shadow management. We offer ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and portable floor light models. Easily maneuver the lamp and adjust the light intensity.

You can also monitor patient vital signs with state-of-the-art equipment. User-friendly devices have full vital signs monitoring capabilities, and they allow you to adjust the screen brightness and customize the mode to match your procedural priorities. Monitors with advanced connectivity can seamlessly manage patient data on an electronic medical records platform.

Sterilize operating room equipment with autoclave machines. Your sterile processing department can place scalpels, forceps, scissors, implants, syringes, implantable medical devices, and more in autoclave steam sterilizers. We have machines suitable for use in low-volume and high-volume facilities.

Use electrosurgical units for cutting and coagulation. Well-designed generators and handpieces help surgeons make precise cuts with limited blood loss. Our radio frequency electrosurgical units work for surgical disciplines such as gynecological, cardiac, orthopedic, maxillofacial, and more. Devices with both monopolar and bipolar functions provide the greatest flexibility of use.

Find essential equipment for a new operating room with All States M.E.D. State-of-the-art devices demonstrate high performance. With our offerings, you can prepare any operating room with efficient, high-capability equipment today.