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Cutera Juliet Laser
Cutera Juliet Laser
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Equinox CO2 Laser - Refurbished
Save $ 10,445
Lumenis Acupulse CO2 Laser FEMTOUCH Vaginal KIT
Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 Laser
Cutera Juliet Laser Repair Evaluation & Diagnosis
Deka Smartxide 2 C60 Laser
Save $ 10,000
Evo CO2 V-Lift Laser for Skin and Vaginal Rejuvenation
While you can perform many skin restoration procedures with a standard skin rejuvenation laser machine, some areas need a more delicate touch. This is where the vaginal rejuvenation laser machine comes into play. These devices are safer to use on the sensitive vaginal area. This type of non-surgical procedure has become very popular due to how effective it can be at reducing dryness and strengthening vaginal tissue. If your medical practice is interested in offering this procedure, then you’re going to need a high-quality vaginal rejuvenation laser machine. Here at All States M.E.D., we only offer the best. Be sure to check out all of the vaginal rejuvenation laser devices that we have in stock.

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