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Burdick ECG Repair Evaluation
Save $ 100
Burdick Mortara ELI 250 EKG 12 lead With Interpretation
Save $ 350
Burdick Mortara ELI 250c EKG 12 lead With Interpretation
Save $ 500
Burdick Mortara ELI 280 EKG 12 lead With Interpretation
Edan ISE Tablet Based ECG Machine
Edan SE-1515 DX-12 PC-based ECG Machine
Edan SE-12 Express ECG Machine
Edan SE-12 Express Stress ECG Machine
Edan SE-1200 ECG/EKG Machine
Edan SE-1200 ECG/EKG Machine
Edan SE-1515 DP-12 PC-based ECG Machine
Edan SE-18 18-lead ECG Machine
Edan ECG SE-3
Edan SE-3 ECG Machine (Wide Screen)
Edan SE-301 3-channel ECG Machine
SE-3B ECG Machine (Wide Screen) DEMO
Edan SE-601A 6-Channel ECG Machine
Edan SE-601B 6-Channel ECG Machine
Edan SE-601C 6-Channel ECG Machine
Save $ 800
$ 2,200 $ 3,000

Diagnose and monitor patients’ cardiac health with reliable EKG machines for sale from All States M.E.D. We offer new, pre-owned, and refurbished electrocardiogram equipment that records essential cardiac electrical signal data. Use our EKGs to conduct resting, stress, and ambulatory monitoring to collect data under specific circumstances.

Whether you’re looking for a compact machine that provides comprehensive monitoring solutions across a variety of settings or a cost-effective addition to your cardiac equipment, we have attractive options for your facility. Use ECG machines in hospitals, clinics, home visits, and emergency settings.

Check out our selection of EKG machines for sale to enhance your health care services. Shop with us today for EKG/ECG equipment.

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