Medical Facility PPE Best Practices

PPE is extremely important in today’s world. Although many people wear PPE to protect themselves against COVID-19, doctors and nurses wore PPE long before that. Medical facilities use PPE daily to protect medical professionals and patients. This guide explains medical facility PPE best practices, so read on to learn more.

Types of PPE

When considering medical facility PPE best practices, it’s important to know what kind of PPE is worn in various situations. The most well-known form of PPE is a mask or respirator. A NIOSH-certified, disposable N95 respirator is what healthcare workers must wear. Medical professionals also wear eye or face protection. Either goggles or a face shield works, but a face shield provides more protection. Another form of PPE that’s very important is a gown. Lastly, medical professionals must wear gloves when they work with a patient. Nitrile gloves are the preferable option because many people are allergic to latex.

Proper Removal

It’s important to properly remove the PPE to avoid contamination. When you remove the gloves, make sure you don’t touch the outside of them. If your hand touches the outside of the glove, wash your hands immediately. When you remove a face shield, do so from the back by lifting the band. Make sure to remove the gown carefully as to not touch any part of the body. Everything you wore is now contaminated, so remove it with caution. The mask or respirator must be removed, as well, so try to remove the mask by the ties alone. Wash your hands after each step and throw away the PPE in a waste container.

Ample Supply

Make sure there’s enough PPE for everyone. If possible, try to buy PPE in bulk. This ensures your facility won’t run out. Things are unpredictable, but it’s best to stay prepared. To avoid the need to re-wear PPE, which is not suggested, it’s best to have an extra on hand.

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