How To Care for Your C-Arm Machine

C-arm machines are important in many facilities. Since medical equipment is an investment, it’s important to properly care for it. Failure to care for your C-arm machines can cause unplanned downtime and cost the facility money. We explain how to care for your C-arm machine, so read on to learn more.

Preventative Maintenance

When you consider how to care for your C-arm machine, it’s important to perform preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is exactly what it sounds like—maintenance that prevents a larger issue from occurring. It’s important to perform preventative maintenance because then you can catch any small issues before they escalate. It also ensures that there’s good image quality.

It’s important to perform preventative maintenance because it prevents unplanned downtime. If you fail to catch a small issue, it may develop into a bigger issue. If the machine needs repair, you may be without the machine for a period. Failure to perform preventative maintenance can also cause the medical facility to lose money. Between the unplanned downtime and cost of repairs, the amount can be costly.

Clean Regularly

Another thing that’s important to do is clean the C-arm machine regularly. All employees should know how to properly wipe down the machine and do so on a daily basis. Start by wiping the keyboard and any external pieces of the machine. You should also clean the fan filters and the wheels. You should make sure there isn’t any dust lingering around either. To avoid the machine from getting contaminated during a procedure, consider using drapes for your C-arm machine.

Have It Professionally Repaired

Make sure you stay on top of the maintenance your machine needs. If there is an error or issue, see the manufacturer’s manual. Do not try to fix the C-arm machine yourself. You should call a trained professional to assess and repair the machine.

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