Components of an Autoclave Machine

Autoclave machines are essential in healthcare settings because they use steam to kill harmful bacteria. For the autoclave machine to do its job, all the components must work properly. The ability to identify these components makes it easier to maintain the machine. This guide explains the various components of an autoclave machine, so read on to learn more.


The vessel is one of the components of an autoclave machine. The vessel is the main body of the autoclave. Within the vessel are an inner chamber and an outer jacket. The jacket is filled with steam to reduce the duration of the sterilization cycle. This also reduces the condensation in the chamber. A full jacket is far better than a partial or blanketed jacket. The full jacket is more efficient overall because it minimizes wet steam. This is helpful because wet steam isn’t good for sterilization.

Control System

Another component of an autoclave is the control system. The control system of an autoclave is complex. This component controls the sterilization process and follows a formula that opens and closes valves, as well as other components, in a sequence. For an autoclave to sterilize the equipment, there must be a control system. These control systems can be a simple push-button system or a more complex touch screen system—it depends on the preference of the facility.

Safety Valve

One of the most important components of an autoclave is the safety valve. The safety valve is an essential component because autoclaves operate at high levels of pressure. This component protects the user should something fail, such as electronic controls. Since this component plays a part in the safety of the user, it must be tested before each use. It should also be inspected regularly to ensure it functions properly. If there’s an issue with the safety valve, it must be fixed immediately.

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