Deciding Whether To Repair or Replace Your Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is essential to the functionality of a facility. When machines don’t function properly, they become a liability to the facility. Medical equipment repairs must be done quickly; however, it’s not always clear whether the machine is repairable. Although most issues are repairable, there are situations where replacement is best. Read our guide for help deciding whether to repair or replace your medical equipment.

When To Repair

Although medical professionals work with the equipment daily, they cannot always determine whether a damaged device is repairable. If a problem arises, it’s best to call a trained professional with experience in medical equipment. This is the best way to determine whether the equipment is repairable. If the machine is relatively new or gently used, having it assessed for repairs is certainly worthwhile. A new machine shouldn’t require replacement, so the problem is likely repairable.

When To Replace

If medical equipment cannot be repaired, then it’s time for a replacement. There are also some situations where replacement is more favorable than repair. For example, it’s best to replace equipment if the cost for repair is too high. In this situation, it might be more beneficial to use that money to replace the machine. Replacement is also ideal in situations where replacement parts aren’t available. If your medical equipment experiences routine failures or issues, it’s time for a replacement. Anything that isn’t functioning properly is a liability to the practice, so keep that in mind when making this decision.

It’s important to consider patient satisfaction when deciding whether to repair or replace your medical equipment. If the wait time for repair is too lengthy, patients might become dissatisfied and switch to another practice. To avoid this occurrence, replacement might be the best option.

Make a Replacement Plan

It’s extremely important to have a replacement plan. When you buy medical equipment, make note of the date of purchase. On that same note, write down when you’ll have the equipment replaced. Put the date in a calendar, so you don’t forget about it. Planning a replacement decreases the downtime associated with waiting for the replacement.

At All States Medical Distribution, we’re proud to offer medical equipment repair service. Our trained experts have industry experience, so you can trust that your equipment is taken care of properly. We also buy and sell medical equipment. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.