Different Types of Cosmetic Lasers

Our skin is the body’s biggest organ, so it’s important to take care of it. Many people use skincare and sunscreen, but sometimes that isn’t enough. There are many things that affect the skin, including external and internal factors. Wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne are common skin concerns. A cosmetic laser is one of the most effective ways to treat the skin. We put together a guide with the different types of cosmetic lasers, so read on to learn more.


IPL is a type of light therapy. IPL stands for intense pulse light. Lasers and IPLs are rated as class IV medical devices by the FDA. IPL can minimize or remove many skin concerns such as age spots, sun damage, birthmarks, varicose veins, rosacea, and more. Although IPL is like laser treatment, it’s not technically a laser. This is a common misconception. A laser uses just one wavelength of light, whereas IPL uses many different wavelengths.

Ablative Laser

There are many different types of cosmetic lasers, and one type is an ablative laser. An ablative laser is a wounding laser that removes the epidermis and heats the dermis. There are a few types of ablative lasers, including the carbon dioxide laser and the Er: YAG laser. The carbon dioxide laser is commonly referred to as a CO2 laser. Ablative lasers can minimize wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, and acne. This laser provides incredible results, as it’s highly effective.

Non-Ablative Laser

A non-ablative laser is a non-wounding laser that improves the tone and texture of the skin. This is less invasive than an ablative laser, which means there’s less downtime. Although there’s less recovery time than ablative laser resurfacing, it is less effective. A few examples of a non-ablative laser are the Pulsed Dye laser, Alexandrite laser, and ND: Yag Laser.

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