Mistakes Medical Facilities Make When Buying Equipment

There are many things to consider when buying medical equipment because while the patient’s safety comes first, the price and features are also important. There are many options to choose from when choosing medical equipment. It is important to research the equipment before purchasing it to ensure it is the right choice. We put together a guide with the mistakes medical facilities make when buying equipment, so keep reading if you’re interested in learning how to avoid those mistakes.

Failure To Consider Customer Service or Repair

One of the biggest mistakes medical facilities makes when buying equipment is the failure to consider the customer service available. From customer service to having the equipment serviced, it is important to choose a seller that values customer service. With online shopping available, there are hundreds of options available with just the click of a button. This is a good thing because there are many models and brands to choose from, but there are many instances where stores do not offer customer service or repair.

It is a mistake to trust the salesperson and buy the equipment without considering how involved that seller will be after the sale is finalized. It is also important to investigate the company or seller before purchasing. Visit their website and see what customer service they offer. Can the equipment be repaired if something isn’t working? Do they have a number you can call, or does their site have a chat? It is beneficial to inquire about how the seller can help you in the future, should that be necessary. Make sure to consider customer service and repairs before buying medical equipment.

Purchasing New Every Time

Another mistake many facilities make is purchasing new medical equipment every time. In most scenarios, people prefer new items. Many people begin their search with new equipment; however, used equipment is a great option, too. Used equipment is often in great condition, contrary to what many people think. Many people assume that used equipment is old and broken, but this is not the case. Used equipment is usually assessed and repaired before it’s put out on the market.

Many companies employ industry experts to assess and repair medical equipment before they’re put on the market. Again, be sure to consider the available services when buying medical equipment. The company selling the equipment should have someone with experience servicing equipment. If the seller doesn’t have someone with this experience, steer clear from them. This could hint that their equipment hasn’t been properly assessed or repaired. Many used equipment sellers offer high-quality used equipment for an affordable price, but you must do research before.

Lack of Research Prior To Purchase

Buying without researching is one of the worst things you can do when buying medical equipment. Every machine is different, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase. There are many things to research when buying equipment. As mentioned above, it is important to research the seller and its services. It is also important to investigate how the equipment works. Do employees need training on the new model? Will the equipment fit in the facility? These are important things to consider before making the purchase. Another way to research is by watching videos or by reading reviews. This is a great way to get an idea of how the equipment works and how other individuals are enjoying its features.

When purchasing medical equipment, it is important to research the various parts that it requires in the event a repair is needed. If the equipment is old, make sure the parts are still available for purchase. This is also a good time to research extra items necessary for the equipment, as well. Research should tell you everything that is necessary to maximize the use of the machine. It is important to investigate this before purchasing the machine. Parts for older models may be challenging to find, so make sure to do your research prior to finalizing any purchases.

Keeping Old Equipment

Another mistake that medical facilities make is keeping old equipment. There are many reasons why a facility might keep old equipment. Whether it is being used or stored, the equipment is taking up space. One way to get rid of old equipment is by selling it. Selling used equipment is beneficial for a few reasons. One reason it is beneficial to sell used equipment is that it clears space in the medical facility. The second reason is that it provides more money for the medical facility to spend on other things. Whether the facility needs new equipment, PPE, or something else, selling used equipment is a way to raise money.

Selling used equipment also allows other facilities to purchase that equipment. For example, a school or non-profit clinic might buy used equipment to cut their costs. Selling used equipment gives other facilities the option to purchase an affordable piece of equipment. Additionally, selling used equipment is a way to reduce more waste. Rather than disposing of a used machine, selling it provides an opportunity for someone else to use the equipment.

Settling Due To Shortage of Funds

Lastly, medical facilities make the mistake of settling due to a shortage of funds. First and foremost, the equipment should meet the needs of the facility. Medical equipment is an investment, as it will likely last a few years. Rather than buying only what your budget covers, consider financing the equipment. Financing the equipment allows you to choose what works best for the facility, rather than what works best with the money currently available.

Additionally, financing is a great idea for anyone who needs equipment at the last minute. If the facility is interested in adding a treatment but the money is not immediately available, financing is an option. It is easy to overlook the option of financing, but it is a great option in many situations. Financing allows the facility to get what it needs, rather than what it can afford at that moment.

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Mistakes Medical Facilities Make When Buying Equipment