5 Industry Secrets for Saving Money on Medical Equipment

Saving money on quality medical equipment benefits your practice and your patients. Discover five industry secrets for saving money on medical equipment.

1. Buy Refurbished

Refurbished medical equipment costs a lot less than new devices. Buying refurbished can make it easier for you to upgrade your equipment now rather than putting off improvements for later.

A reliable supplier can ensure the quality of their refurbishment processes. Ask your supplier how their professional team tests, certifies, cleans, and packages their equipment.

2. Purchase in Bulk

Bulk orders can lower the per-unit price of your order, so ask your supplier about this possibility. You’ll also save on shipping fees when you order bulk items.

Buying in bulk can improve your position in negotiations. Suppliers are more likely to include free or discounted perks for bulk orders.

3. Consider the Timing

Another industry secret for saving money on medical equipment is that equipment costs less at different times of the year. If it’s possible for you to shop during these windows of time, you can save a lot of money.

End-of-year sales from mid-November through December help suppliers make room for new inventory. The final weeks of sales quarters serve a similar purpose, so consider purchasing in March, June, or September. Suppliers may also run limited-time deals and promotions that offer excellent cost-saving opportunities.

4. Ask About Financing Options

To transfer ownership of the equipment, you must typically pay for your order in full. But sometimes you can finance with the supplier to get the devices you need right away.

Leasing or financing medical equipment offers your healthcare facility lower monthly payments and low upfront costs. Financing can help you make the most of your budget as you improve your practice.

5. Purchase From an Experienced Supplier

No matter how well you use these tips to save money on your order, reliable medical equipment will never be cheap. Ordering from an experienced supplier will help protect your investment.

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