5 Key Features Your Cosmetic Laser Equipment Needs To Have

Cosmetic laser treatments can help clients achieve stunning results, but providers must use the right equipment for safe and effective sessions. Discover five key features your cosmetic laser equipment needs to have.

1. Appropriate Wavelengths

Wavelength is the distance between two subsequent light wave peaks. In general, the shorter the wavelength, the shallower the affected depth. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the energy penetrates.

Shorter wavelengths under 800 nanometers can perform laser hair removal. Laser device operators might want to use longer wavelengths to treat skin discoloration that lies deeper in the skin.

2. Skin-Cooling Technology

Another key feature your cosmetic laser equipment needs to have is skin-cooling technology. There are a few different ways that lasers can cool skin. One cooling method is for the device to release chilled air over the skin. Another method is contact cooling with a cold tip on the diode laser.

Cooling will minimize the side effects of laser treatment by protecting and cooling the skin before, during, and after treatment. Cooling protects tissue and skin from possible thermal damage, improves comfort, and makes recovery time faster.

3. Pulse Duration

Pulse duration is the time a device takes to deliver energy to the treatment area or the time the targeted tissue is exposed to the laser energy. It's the time between the start and end of a pulse.

Pulse duration must be faster than thermal relaxation time, the amount of time it takes for the targeted tissue to release more than half the heat delivered per pulse. That's because you want the targeted area to retain the energy needed for the right amount of time rather than lose it to surrounding tissue.

4. Optimal Fluence

Fluence measures how much energy each pulse delivers to the unit area. Power and spot size determine the energy concentration. If you need to penetrate deeper into the skin, such as for tattoo removal, increase fluence in subsequent sessions. Doing this allows you to proceed safely and gradually.

5. Multiple Laser Systems

Some cosmetic laser devices feature more than one laser system. Different laser systems in a single device allow you to perform more treatments. For example, you can target hair in the facial, bikini, and armpit regions with one device.

With multiple laser systems, you can treat patients with a range of melanin in the skin, such as skin types I through VI in the Fitzpatrick Skin Phototype model. Skin type I always burns and doesn't tan; skin type VI never burns and always tans darkly.

Having more than one laser in your device also lets you perform treatments quickly and efficiently. You can have up to four different laser systems in some units.

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