4 Ways To Improve Your Ultrasound Imaging

Healthcare professionals use dynamic ultrasound images to gather information for diagnosing and treating conditions. Create clear images that support patient health by using these four ways to improve your ultrasound imaging.

1. Use Ample Gel

Applying gel to the patient’s skin helps boost the sound wave signal. Dry skin and hair can create air pockets that interfere with the signal, but ultrasound gel forms a bond with the probe and eliminates those air pockets. Thanks to the gel, sound waves can travel to the underlying tissue and come back with minimal static. Get a clearer image of the patient’s internal structures by applying ample gel.

2. Adjust the Frequency

Another way to improve ultrasound imaging is to adjust the depth. The higher the frequency of the soundwave, the shorter the depth it penetrates. Conversely, soundwaves with lower frequencies travel further.

While low frequencies penetrate to a greater depth, they also produce poorer image resolution. Therefore, it’s important to find the optimal frequency for adequate depth and clear image resolution.

3. Adjust the Gain

Adjusting the gain of the ultrasound can darken or brighten the image. Whether your machine has a knob, button, or sliders, controls make it easy to adjust the gain. Overdoing it can create a washed-out image. If the image still appears dark after adjusting the gain, consider changing the frequency or improving the contact between the probe and skin.

4. Use Time-Gain Compensation

The greater the depth of the structure, the more time it takes for the soundwave to travel to the structure and reflect to the probe. The further the soundwave travels, the lower the intensity and amplitude of the soundwave, which is called attenuation. And the weaker the soundwave, the darker the image. Use time-gain compensation to amplify the weaker echoes and improve the ultrasound image.

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