What To Consider When Buying a Blood-Drawing Chair

A high-quality phlebotomy chair is an essential item to have in your medical facility. Whether you’re adding new chairs or replacing old ones, learn more about what to consider when buying a blood-drawing chair.


The amount of money you allocate for a phlebotomy chair will determine which features you can get. The budget you set depends on your facility’s needs, the healthcare solutions you provide patients, and your patients’ demographics. To make the most of your money, get a high-quality blood-drawing chair that you can depend on for a long time. Also, check for warranties on the complete product or the chair frame.

Adjustable Features

Other factors to consider when buying a blood-drawing chair are its adjustable features. Adjustable components help make patients feel more comfortable and can improve the healthcare provider’s access to the patient. Adjustable armrests are a popular option for comfort and maneuverability. Adjustable seat height makes it easier for patients to access the chair, and providers can raise the seat height to move comfortably while completing procedures.


Another aspect to consider when selecting a phlebotomy chair is its durability. Sturdy chairs will stand up to repeated use throughout the years. Check the warranty your supplier or the manufacturer provides. Warranty options can include a complete product warranty, limited warranty, or a chair frame warranty, each for specified intervals.

Dimensions and Capacity

Finally, the dimensions and capacity of the chair will help you determine whether the equipment will meet the needs of your patients and fit well in the room. Special features such as a built-in storage cabinet can also help save space. For improved accessibility, consider getting a blood-drawing chair with a larger seat and back, and increased weight capacity.

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