When To Upgrade Your Power Exam Tables and Chairs

Upgrading your facility’s equipment can improve the exam experience for patients and staff. Consider the following scenarios to help you decide when to upgrade your power exam tables and chairs.

When You Need Improved Capabilities

If you need an exam table or chair with improved capabilities, it’s a good time to get new equipment. Perhaps you want to offer new services to patients, or your current table or chair doesn’t help you work efficiently. For example, you might want a mobile exam table so you can easily rearrange an exam room. If your current equipment doesn’t facilitate your work, get a new table or chair with improved capabilities.

When You Update Your Exam Room

Updating your exam room gives you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your power exam tables and chairs. Rather than working in a refreshed space with old equipment, use a new or refurbished exam table. Remodeling your space and upgrading your equipment modernizes your practice, attracting new patients and increasing overall patient satisfaction.

When You Want To Increase Patient Comfort

Maximizing patient comfort is key to increasing patient satisfaction; you can help patients feel more at ease with well-designed exam tables and chairs. A power back makes it easier for patients to recline and sit up, reducing physical strain and anxiety for many patients. And powered hand controls make it safer, easier, and more efficient for you to position patients.

When You Need To Improve Accessibility

Finally, consider upgrading your power exam tables and chairs when you need to improve accessibility in your exam room. Powered tables and chairs make it easier and safer for patients to transfer, and at times even eliminate the need for medical staff to assist. When compared to fixed equipment, power exam tables and chairs make it easier for all patients to get into the right position for the exam.

Improve your examination room with electric exam tables from All States M.E.D. Our power tables and chairs support patients comfortably and come with easy-to-use controls for efficient and safe positioning. Upgrade your exam table or chair today.