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SIEMENS – DURA 422 MV Ct Scanner X-Ray Tube 5534776
SIEMENS – DURA 202 MV CT Scanner X-Ray Tube 5534750
SIEMENS – DURA 352 MV CT Scanner TUBE 5534990
Orthoscan Mini Carm FD Pulse
Save $ 2,000
A2D2 Digital Xray With Refurbished Xcel Xray
Digital X-Ray XR-5 Premium

At All States M.E.D., we proudly offer various top-of-the-line X-ray machines that cater to all your medical imaging needs. Our collection includes both new and refurbished models from leading manufacturers, ensuring impeccable quality and reliability.

As a trusted supplier of X-ray machines, we recognize the importance of precision and safety in medical diagnostics. Accurate diagnostics guide physicians toward the most effective treatment methods, while safety measures ensure minimal exposure to potential risks, safeguarding patient health. Therefore, we perform stringent testing and quality checks on every refurbished device to guarantee excellent performance.

Whether you're a small clinic or a large hospital, our medical X-ray machines provide accurate results and fit a range of budgets. Maintain a high standard of care with our precision-driven medical equipment.

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