Why Your Practice Needs a Power Exam Table With Stirrups

A power exam table is an excellent investment for a medical practice that wants to improve efficiency and patient and staff comfort. Learn why your practice needs a power exam table with stirrups.

Position With Ease

A power exam table moves easily, providing a better experience for the healthcare team and patient. The table’s electric motor allows the operator to adjust the height, back, foot, and tilt positions smoothly.

Electric tables also help prevent injuries. Medical providers can avoid straining their backs and arms thanks to power exam tables, and patients can get on and off the table with greater independence and confidence.

Support and Secure

Another reason why your practice needs a power exam table with stirrups is to secure and support patients during procedures. While adjustable power controls make the chair more comfortable, stirrups keep the patient’s legs in place.

Proper positioning helps keep the patient’s body aligned to prevent discomfort and complications. Use medical stirrups for lower extremity positioning, such as in scenarios involving lithotomy or reverse Trendelenburg. The stirrups will help the patient overcome otherwise awkward placement.

Prevent Excessive Movement

Stirrups also prevent excessive patient movement during exams and treatments. Adjusting the table and stirrups as needed gives medical providers a clear view and access to treatment sites.

If the patient moves excessively during an exam, it makes examinations and treatment more difficult for the patient and the physician. Use a power exam table with stirrups for more comfortable, efficient care.

Enhance Accessibility

Finally, power exam tables with accessories like stirrups make exams more accessible. Power exam tables often have enhanced accessibility features. For example, many of these tables sit lower to the ground than traditional tables, making it easier for patients to get on and off the seats.

Equal access to healthcare services improves diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of conditions that affect health. Improve your services with accessible equipment and furniture in your office.

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