Which Laser Machines Are the Best for Hair Removal?

New or refurbished professional laser devices can improve procedural efficiency, enhance client comfort, and produce better results. Read on to learn which laser machines are the best for hair removal.

Laser Devices for Large Areas

When removing hair from a large area, consider using the alexandrite laser 755nm, a red light laser. The laser suits skin types 1–3 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Do not ever apply an alexandrite laser to 4–6 skin types because the melanin will absorb the laser and damage the skin.

How Alexandrite Lasers Work

Some alexandrite lasers have Q-switch mode. The laser produces a high-intensity beam in very short pulses in this mode. Rapid pulses make it faster to treat larger areas and remove fair and medium hair types.

While many patients appreciate the efficiency of alexandrite lasers, the rapid pulse also increases discomfort. If this is an issue, consider using the ruby laser 695nm, which has a delay between pulses to minimize discomfort.

Laser Tech for Fitzpatrick 4–6 Skin Types

Fitzpatrick skin types 4–6 have a higher amount of melanin compared to types 1–3. Laser hair removal on skin types 4–6 targets the blood supply to the hair. The best laser machines for hair removal on these skin types use the Nd:YAG 1064nm laser.

How Nd:YAG 1064 Works

The average depth of a hair follicle reaches between three to four millimeters beneath the skin’s surface. The Nd:YAG 1064nm laser penetrates deeper, going four to five millimeters into the skin. This depth allows the laser to target the follicle’s blood supply without damaging surrounding tissue.

Built-In Features

When purchasing a professional laser, you want a machine with the capabilities your business needs. Consider features such as built-in skin cooling technology that efficiently minimizes patient discomfort. You can also purchase a device that houses multiple lasers in a single machine, saving space in your clinic.

All States M.E.D. carries an array of cosmetic laser equipment that delivers impressive results when removing unwanted hair or performing other treatments. Shop with us today for effective and efficient devices.