When Should You Replace Your Blood Pressure Machine?

Accurate, updated blood pressure equipment is critical for almost any medical clinic. But they’re not built to last forever.

Healthcare personnel use blood pressure instruments during most examination appointments, which is why it’s essential to know when you should replace your blood pressure machine. Accurate blood pressure measurements can potentially save a patient’s life.

Calibrate Every Two Years

As with all medical equipment, wear and tear is completely normal, but it often leads to repairs down the road.

Try to recalibrate your blood pressure machine every two years. You can do this by sending it back to the manufacturer. Doing so will ensure accurate readings for each patient.

However, if your machine provides inaccurate readings consistently, it’s time to replace the medical device. False readings can mislead a patient into understanding the wrong blood pressure measurement, which can harm them and your business.

How To Perform Maintenance

Try to clean and disinfect the blood pressure machine after each use to prolong its efficiency.

You can do this by wiping the instrument with a mild cleaning solution and allowing it to air dry. You might also clean the patient cuffs by wiping them down thoroughly to prevent bacteria from spreading to patients in between examinations.

How To Adjust for Regular Replacements

While it may seem like a costly investment to replace/recalibrate your blood pressure machine every two years, it’s well worth it.

Be sure to talk with your team about budgeting regular equipment adjustments and replacements into your annual financial plans. Keep in mind that a focus on proper equipment will ensure success for your medical practice.

When it’s time to replace your measurement tools, you don’t have to buy brand new ones each time. Try to purchase blood pressure equipment for sale to protect your medical budget.

So, when should you replace your blood pressure machine? Try to replace it at the first sign of damage or inaccuracy to ensure you deliver premium service to each patient.