6 Advantages of Using Power Exam Tables in Your Facility

The type of equipment you utilize in your medical facility equates to the quality of services you can provide for your patients. There are several risks involved with using manual equipment like simple standing tables or chairs to examine your patients.

Patients of all ages need additional support when they visit your clinic. Let’s discuss six advantages of using power exam tables in your facility and how you can acquire one for your practice.

Supports All Patients

Firstly, power exam tables support a more comprehensive range of patients due to their increased weight limits and accessibility.

Elderly patients might be physically unable to climb onto a higher exam table, making the examination appointment longer and can turn into a liability concern. Additionally, the ergonomic design of electric exam tables provides more accessibility to patients with disabilities, complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and helping patients feel more comfortable.

The higher weight limits that power exam tables offer also opens up your patient range, as most tables can handle up to 700lbs.

Reduces Hospital Anxiety

Due to its accessible features, patients might feel more comfortable utilizing a power exam table, as they won’t need additional help getting onto it. Electric exam tables instill a sense of independence and dignity in patients, waiving potential nervousness they may feel.

Many patients feel a certain level of anxiety when going to a doctor’s office, which is why your facility must do everything to help them feel calmer. Most power exam tables come with a headrest that allows patients to relax while awaiting their exam.

Customizable to Different Services

Many medical practices should have a power exam table in each examination room. A great benefit of using them is that there are different kinds of exam tables that are better suited for various practices.

For example, a dentist’s office might utilize a powered procedure chair with an additional chair foot controller. Many types offer hand control, removable upholstery, plug-and-play components, and more for any medical facility.

Different Types of Exam Tables

Let’s examine the various types of powered tables you might need for your practice. Some primary types include:

  • ADA Table. This table eliminates the need for seniors and patients with disabilities to access the exam table without additional assistance. The ADA table offers an electric life feature that the patient can simply step onto and be lifted up to the seat.
  • Procedure Table. The procedure table is best for medical professionals who complete minor procedures. They often have various storage spaces within the machine for the doctor to access cleaning supplies, instruments, and more during an operation.
  • Mobile Exam Table. The mobile exam table is perfect for facilities that might need to regularly rearrange an exam room or are mobile in their practice. The lockable casters allow healthcare staff to examine patients and move the table when needed.

Easy To Clean and Repair

Most power exam tables are made with materials that are easy to clean without causing damage. In any medical setting, the healthcare staff must clean any equipment used during an exam.

Furthermore, the cleaning staff can quickly raise the height of the table in order to clean it more efficiently without making more physical effort.

If the table becomes damaged at any time, many medical equipment companies offer repair services that you can take advantage of. For example, at All States M.E.D., we provide high-quality repair services, such as:

  • Sterilizer repair
  • Equipment restoration
  • Preventative maintenance

Improves Efficiency

Efficiency is critical in a medical facility, so staff must do everything they can to increase productivity and competence in the clinic.

Electric exam tables often come with power controls that you can use to transition patients into seated positions and examination positions without physically lifting them.

Many tables even allow you to program your most frequently used positions to save time and energy during an examination appointment.

Prevents Injury to Patients and Staff

Power exam tables have several safety features to protect patients and staff from being injured during a cleaning or examination.

For example, if the electric table senses an obstruction in the moving tracks, the cutoff sensor will activate and instantly stop the table from moving. This can be especially helpful if a younger patient accidentally puts their hand on the table.

Additionally, you might find a safety switch on the side of the table that enables you to manually stop movement.

Due to its ability to automatically lift a patient onto the seat, it saves staff from injuring themselves or the patient trying to manually lift them.

Saves Repair Costs

While power exam tables tend to be more expensive than others, you’ll essentially receive your initial investment back due to the savings on repair costs. Electric exam tables are built to last years and years of wear and tear, naturally reducing repair costs for a clinic.

Of course, there are specific instances where a healthcare clinic might cause damage to its equipment through an accident or misuse. However, as long as the staff performs regular maintenance on the machinery, they won’t need to pay upfront costs for repairs and upgrades.

Improves Facility Reputation

Hospitals that offer a wide range of services, accessibility, and quality technology can have an excellent reputation in the community. Patients appreciate when medical clinics go out of their way to provide them with the best equipment.

Many also check office reviews before they select a new provider, so your local reputation is crucial to the success of your business.

How To Select the Best Table

To get the best table, you’ll need to do some research. Find a reputable medical equipment provider to purchase your electric exam tables and ask essential questions to determine which ones are right for you.

As a medical clinic, you must understand the importance of regularly upgrading your equipment to offer great service. When determining how to improve your business, these six advantages of using power exam tables in your facility will be your guide. Try talking with your team to determine which table is best for your practice.

6 Advantages of Using Power Exam Tables in Your Facility