What Type of Power Exam Chair Is Right for Your Practice

Collecting the proper equipment for your medical practice is critical to providing excellent and safe services. Many professionals may assume that any type of exam chair can fit their practice, but that may not always be the case.

Compared to manual chairs, power exam chairs enable healthcare staff to properly service their patients with safety and convenience in mind.

If you’re unsure of which tools to acquire for your facility, here are a few considerations regarding what type of power exam chair is right for your practice.

No Barrier

You may benefit from a power exam chair that contains no barriers. This type of chair may enable you to collect a more accurate measurement of blood pressure levels. Many chairs present an issue of inaccuracy when it comes to reading blood pressure.

However, a barrier-free exam chair can enable you to easily position patients for more accurate readings. Additionally, this chair can allow patients of all heights to sit comfortably with a more secure backing.

Podiatry Chair

If you’re in the podiatry field, you may benefit from a podiatry power exam chair. As a podiatrist, you’ll need a chair that can enable you to access and diagnose conditions of the foot and ankle. The ergonomic design of this chair allows you to control the lower section of the chair, which is critical in this field.

The podiatry chair may also recline so your patients are comfortable during the examination, which is of the utmost importance during podiatry exams.

Procedure Chair

All healthcare facilities may benefit from acquiring a procedure chair. Medical professionals can utilize this chair for exams, procedures, and adjustable positioning for various services.

Furthermore, the procedure chair is accessible and can assist seniors, pregnant individuals, and other patients who experience limited movement due to certain health conditions. With this power exam chair, you can adjust the height, headrest, and other important sections to fit your examination needs.

Purchasing the right power medical exam tables and chairs enables you to improve your medical services and customer service and facility reputation.

When it comes to understanding what type of power exam chair is right for your practice, be sure to analyze your facility’s needs and services to ensure you choose the right equipment.

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