Difference Between Buying New vs. Used Medical Equipment

More people are buying used cars over new ones to save money. But what does used really mean? Typically, the term “used” comes with a negative connotation of damaged, unchecked, or unsafe goods.

However, in the medical industry, many companies will not sell used equipment without first completing a thorough inspection. Equipment—new or used—is used on thousands of patients throughout its lifetime, so it’s important that it undergoes a specific process before being sold.

Today, we’ll discuss the difference between buying new vs. used medical equipment and which one may be right for you and your medical facility.


Oftentimes, purchasing used medical equipment is significantly cheaper than buying a new version. When one acquires a new machine, they accept all fees that are generally associated with brand-new tools.

Medical instruments and machines tend to have a large price tag. This means you may need to sacrifice the quality of other machines or services if you decide to purchase new equipment.

However, when you purchase used medical equipment, you’re still getting the same quality for a much lower price.

Although taking the “used” route may seem like an easy choice, it’s important to keep in mind that many used tools may not offer the up-to-date technology you’re looking for. It’s up to you and your team to determine your budget and how you can adjust it in order to purchase the right tools.


A new machine will come with a guaranteed warranty, whereas a used or refurbished machine may come with either no warranty or a six-month warranty. Here at All States M.E.D., many of our refurbished machines are paired with warranties ranging from one month to 90 days to ensure your equipment is protected and ready to use.


When it comes to new vs. used, new machines will almost always have a better appearance than refurbished ones. However, there should be no difference in the quality of either equipment.

If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality machine while staying within budget, we ensure each used machine goes through a detailed inspection and certification before distribution.

Be sure to purchase your medical equipment in Miami to work with our exceptional team and acquire premium machines, whether new or used.

There are a few key differences between buying new vs. used medical equipment, so it’s essential to speak with your team to discuss which machine is right for your office. Remember that each machine will require a certain level of training, so communication is important!