Quick Guide to Cleaning an EKG or ECG Machine

An electrocardiogram, abbreviated as EKG or ECG, measures the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. Physicians use this painless process to quickly evaluate how a patient’s heart is functioning and find signs of potential heart-related conditions.

Keep your EKG machine clean to maintain a healthy environment and keep measurements accurate. Read this quick guide to cleaning an EKG or ECG machine so you can take care of your equipment.

Clean the Cables and Leadwires

When it comes to routine maintenance and cleaning your medical equipment, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. General guidelines for cleaning EKG leads include avoiding products with ammonia as this dries out the leads and makes them hard and inflexible.

Dust off dirt and other dry debris. Then, apply an all-purpose cleaner to a soft towel to clean your EKG’s cables and leadwires. You may have to use another cleaning product, such as a citrus oil-based cleaner, to dissolve the adhesive residue. Do not spray the product directly onto the cable and do not let any fluids seep into the cable.

Tips for Disinfecting

The next point in this quick guide to cleaning an EKG or ECG machine is to disinfect the device. To disinfect cables and leadwires, you should first clean the surfaces. Once again, consult your EKG manufacturer’s instructions to be sure you’re using the right cleaning products for your machine.

Use a disinfectant approved by the manufacturer and your facility. Place the disinfectant solution onto a soft, lint-free rag and wipe the cables. Do not let the solution get onto any metal parts and do not soak the connector ends because this can cause corrosion. Wipe off the product with a dry lint-free cloth, and then let the cables air dry for at least 30 minutes.

Clean the Display

Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the display. Avoid applying or spraying cleaning solutions directly to the display. Excess liquid on the display or cables can damage metal and electronic parts. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure you’re using the right cleaning solutions and concentrations.

Lock the touch screen to disable it. Lightly moisten your soft rag with the approved cleaning solution. Then, gently wipe the solution over the monitor. Wipe the display dry with a clean rag. Do not let the liquid sit on the screen.

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