4 Tips for Selling Your Medical Equipment

If you’re upgrading your facility’s medical equipment, you might be able to sell your used devices. Clearing out old equipment makes room for the replacements or increases storage, and it can improve your purchasing budget.

Sell your used devices to give them new life. Use these four tips for selling your medical equipment.

1. Be Aware of Demand

The more in-demand your equipment, the easier it is to find and sell to interested vendors. Healthcare facilities prioritize combining quality with cost-savings, and the market for refurbished medical equipment helps them achieve those goals.

Some high-demand devices include C-arms, ultrasound machines, and EKG machines. If you have a high-demand piece of equipment in good condition, you can sell under better terms.

2. Clean the Equipment

The next tip for selling your medical equipment is to clean it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or your facility’s cleaning guidelines. Clean equipment all the thoroughly, including cables, displays, and wheels. Don’t let the cleaning supplies seep into the cables.

Once the equipment looks its best, take photos in good lighting from various angles. Prospective buyers should have a clear view of the device, so keep the background simple and remove any clutter from the frame.

3. Prepare the Details

Next, gather the details about the equipment. Include information such as the name of the product, the manufacturer, the model, the age of the device, the year it was purchased, and information about accessories.

Give a clear reason for why you’re selling. Include details about its condition, such as its performance and missing parts. If there’s an issue with the equipment, a vendor that does its own refurbishments may be an excellent customer for the devices.

4. Contact Vendors

Next, share your equipment’s photos and details. While there are sites you can advertise your equipment on, you can also find a reputable vendor near you and give them the information. A professional vendor experienced in selling used medical equipment can make the selling process easy for you. Or, depending on your situation, you can trade in your old equipment for something new.

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