Questions To Ask Before Buying an Autoclave

Your facility needs an autoclave, but you hesitate to follow through with getting one because you’re unsure it will meet your requirements. To aid you in the purchasing process, we wanted to offer a few of the biggest questions to ask before buying an autoclave.

Can the Autoclave Operate At Its Fullest Potential?

There are a few factors medical facilities must consider when thinking about an autoclave’s functionality. To ensure the autoclave runs properly, your facility must have water available; if you don’t have a sufficient water supply—or even quality water—the autoclave’s components can suffer. By providing the autoclave with the purest water, you can ensure it’ll perform at its best. On the same hand, this water needs to turn into steam, which is necessary to properly sterilize medical equipment. If your facility won’t have a way to generate steam for your autoclave, you must acquire a generator that will produce it at a compatible pressure. Drainage should also be within a few feet of your autoclave. Finally, autoclaves also require an electrical source, so your facilities must be able to accommodate the equipment’s voltage requirements.

What Size Should I Buy?

Out of all the questions to ask before buying an autoclave, this is the most important. After all, you don’t want to invest in an autoclave that doesn’t suit your facility’s needs. First, consider the sizes of your facility’s load—or, in other words, the number of tools sterilized each day. Further, you must determine its size by the amount of space you can dedicate to it. Fortunately, you can find both tabletop units and bulk or laboratory autoclaves. Ultimately, the size you choose depends on your needs.

Will It Last, and if It Needs Repair, How Can I Fix It?

Whether you buy a new, refurbished, or used machine, you want to feel confident that it will function for years to come. However, while autoclaves can last up to a few decades, you want to remain prepared in case it does malfunction. Ensure you can obtain the replacement parts you need if necessary. In this case, it’s worth going with a reputable, long-time manufacturer over one that is likely to go out of business. Additionally, seek out information and resources to help you protect the autoclave; for example, find out if your autoclave comes with a warranty. This support goes a long way, as servicing your equipment will be much smoother.

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