How To Improve Your Pediatric Practice

Pediatricians make our world better—they’re key players in keeping kids healthy. However, this type of doctor must put in a ton of work to run a successful practice. After all, they serve little ones as well as their parents, so a solid bedside manner is essential to retaining patients. With reputation playing such a huge role in your growth, we wanted to provide a comprehensive guide that highlights how to improve your pediatric practice.

Devote Time To Marketing

Over time, experienced pediatricians build a base of patients who trust their expertise. Of course, you also want patients who will stay with you for years to come. If you don’t know how to begin promoting yourself, you can start with billboards or newspaper ads. Another option is attending community events and recommending your practice via business cards or flyers and word-of-mouth.

You can also dedicate more time toward your email and social media efforts; with everyone constantly checking their computers and phones, it’s worth curating branded social profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, remember to refresh your website—a cumbersome user experience will turn off current and future patients’ parents. Further, encourage current patients to write reviews on Google and other sites that house trusted recommendations. Prospective patients will appreciate the insight from their fellow community members.

Your practice’s marketing should even extend to its operating hours, as this weekly schedule will impact the number of patients you can both see and attract. Establish hours that accommodate a wide range of family schedules. For instance, if parents work during the day and you have evening appointments available, they can still accompany their kid to their visits. In other words, consider a suitable balance of morning, evening, and weekend appointments each week.

Focus on Your Patients’ Experience

Naturally, the patient experience plays a large role in understanding how to improve your pediatric practice. No doubt, you want patients to come back regularly, so you want to make your visits memorable.

Because you’re serving kids, one way to do this is to swap gowns for child-appropriate options that boast bright colors and eye-catching shapes. Additionally, consider offering post-visit stickers or small toys, as kids can see these as both healthy distractions and deserving rewards. The goal is to help children associate your doctor’s office with happier feelings.

Of course, a practice’s staff can dramatically affect the office’s culture too. Positive experiences stem from dependable, friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate team members. If you want your staff to perform at their best each day, always keep them in mind. After all, they’re actively helping you achieve quality care.

First, prioritize their safety. You can set them up for success by providing thorough training and offering general liability, malpractice, and workers’ compensation insurance. Also, focus your efforts on their short- and long-term goals; provide them with meaningful feedback whenever you get the chance. Your willingness to offer insight will show them you’re truly invested in them.

Finally, as a doctor, you should always prioritize approaching healthcare in ways that appeal to both children and their parents. Your current patients will value your expertise, and they may even recommend your practice to family and friends. Achieving this may involve continuing your education and seeking out additional training, but it will help in providing your patients and their families with current and valid information.

Optimize Recordkeeping

In the medical space, privacy and security must be top of mind, and your patients certainly value these as well. So instead of paper records, think about prioritizing an electronic medical record system. Previously, medical professionals would opt for paper documentation, but disadvantages outweighed the advantages. You can’t “back up” papers, and naturally, you’d run out of storage after a while. When you go the electronic route, keeping track of patient information is more convenient. Plus, this information is secure unless you say otherwise; you can share this data with only the people who need access to it most. Best of all, if you experience any issues with your digital recordkeeping software, you can easily troubleshoot with technical support.

Prioritize a Comfortable Space

Kids grow up thinking that going to the doctor isn’t fun—and even adult patients want to wait for their upcoming appointments in an inviting atmosphere. This is your opportunity to curate a wonderful waiting room. First, choose decor and furniture that evokes cheerfulness. Create designated play areas for curious and impatient children, too; these spaces don’t have to be elaborate, but they should entice incoming patients.

For the final touch, play kid-friendly music that will soothe nervous children without setting their parents’ teeth on edge. Remember that this overall mood needs to reach other areas as well, such as restrooms and examination rooms. Safety is also key in a child’s comfort, so childproof anything that could potentially be dangerous—such as electrical outlets—and opt for flooring and surfaces that are durable and easy to clean.

Ultimately, when it comes to reimagining your practice’s overall appearance, a good rule of thumb is to consider how your office looks from a child’s perspective. Does it feel too sterile, or would a young kid feel at ease?

Set the Tone With Quality Equipment

A pediatrician who craves growth will invest in innovative technology for their practice. State-of-the-art machines allow you to gain valuable data and relay accurate information to your patients. In fact, depending on what you use, you can even diagnose conditions ahead of other medical professionals—and as a result, you’ll really bolster your reputation. Quality equipment also presents other benefits, including increased savings, reduced errors, and stress-free machine management.

When it comes to medical equipment in Miami and Florida at large, All States M.E.D. leads. Our team strives to provide robust equipment and unmatched customer service. We also ship nationally and internationally—you can rest assured that your facility will receive the best machines and supplies from us. In addition to new equipment, we sell used machines and can perform repairs. If you have any questions about these services, don’t hesitate to reach out.

How To Improve Your Pediatric Practice