C-Arm Fluoroscopy Machine: Tips for Choosing the Right Type

If you’re looking to acquire a new machine for your medical facility, you’ll need to understand the C-arm fluoroscopy machine: tips for choosing the right type.

Medical machines vary in size, cost, service, and quality, so it’s crucial to consider each factor before making any purchases or rentals for your hospital. You can take many routes to obtain a C-Arm machine, so what are they? Read on to learn a few of the essential components of the machine before you take the next steps.

What Is a C-Arm Fluoroscopy Machine?

A C-Arm can be described as an imaging scanner intensifier. Essentially, the arm connects the X-ray detector and its source together.

Fluoroscopy is a technique used to produce imaging of moving images inside the body. The C-arm machine is typically used in surgeries to manipulate and provide real-time of what’s going on in the body during the operation.

Overall, the C-Arm fluoroscopy machine offers the medical professional an X-ray “movie,” allowing them to gain specific and thorough sights inside the body. This helps them provide safe and efficient care to their patients. This machine remains an important aspect of many hospitals, enabling them to maintain professional care and up-to-date technology.

Types Of C-Arms

There are a few options as to which C-Arm fluoroscopy machine you can purchase for your healthcare facility, including the following:

  • Mini C-Arm
  • Compact C-Arm
  • Full-Size C-Arm

Above are the most common types of C-Arms you can use. Each type differs from the other and offers essential features.

Mini C-Arm

As the name suggests, this type of machine is minuscule. It can fit in most clinics. This C-Arm is used for capturing images of the smaller areas of the body such as feet, hands, and elbows. Many healthcare professionals will use this machine in their sports medicine offices or orthopedic facilities.

Compact C-Arm

This C-Arm is slightly bigger than the mini C-Arm. If your office requires a bigger C-Arm than the mini but you don’t have enough space for the full-sized version, then the compact C-Arm is perfect for your needs.

Full-Size C-Arm

This C-Arm helps you perform examinations on larger areas of the body like the spine and torso. It could also be beneficial during surgeries. This machine also comes in different arm sizes, making it easier for you to help your patients with pain management and cardiology.


Although the types of C-Arms may influence the cost of each machine, it’s important to know that there are basic, intermediate, and premium levels of each one that can also determine the price.

Determine a budget, get approval, and complete your research to find which C-Arm is right for your office. Keep in mind that budget approvals may take some time to complete, so if your office needs a C-Arm by a certain date, start the process right away.

Purchase Options

Once you’ve decided on the type of C-Arm you would like to acquire, choose whether your office needs one that’s pre-owned or one that’s brand new. You may find that purchasing a preowned machine may fit your budget better and still provide excellent service for your patients.

It’s important to note that when you purchase pre-owned medical equipment, it should be completely safe to use. Many manufacturers will complete a thorough inspection of the machine before determining whether it’s fit to be used in another facility.

However, you should also perform a thorough inspection of your own once you receive the C-Arm. Although manufacturers are detailed in their inspections, it’s always safe to look at the machine yourself.


Another factor you’ll want to consider is the size of the C-Arm. If you have a small facility, you may benefit from a mini C-Arm or a compact C-Arm. Both machines offer unique features.

Generally, a full-sized C-Arm can reach about 102” from the back to the tip of the tube housing when fully extended to its maximum limit.

If your hospital consistently requires the power of a full-sized C-Arm, you may want to analyze your operation room and either renovate the space to make more room or arrange the area accordingly. Be sure you and your staff have enough space to move around, thus ensuring proper workflow and safety.

Warranty Coverage

Many manufacturers will provide warranty coverage on your C-Arm, no matter what condition it’s in. The warranty enables you to use the machine without being financially responsible if there’s an issue with it.

Additionally, if your C-Arm has a warranty, get access to technical support so you may ask questions, raise concerns, or simply learn more about certain aspects of the machine.

If you notice something is wrong with your C-Arm, notify the manufacturer immediately and stop its usage until it’s fixed. When you take care of your patients, you must use equipment safely by making sure it’s in good condition.


Think about how you’ll train your staff to use the C-Arm. This may include in-office training or additional budget room to provide an external training program.

Training your staff will take time, so plan accordingly. A solid plan will ensure that you will have enough time for thorough training.


Remember that not all C-Arms are the same and each type may require different levels of maintenance. When you acquire your machine, you should receive instructions on how to properly care for it (depending on the size.) You must also factor maintenance costs into your equipment budget.

No matter which C-Arm fluoroscopy machine you choose, All States M.E.D. is here to provide top-notch medical equipment for your facility so you can provide top-notch service to your patients.

Now that you understand the C-Arm fluoroscopy machine and tips for choosing the right type, you are ready to prepare your budget, hospital, and staff to receive your new machine.

C-Arm Fluoroscopy Machine: Tips for Choosing the Right Type