Advantages of Surgical Lights Over Conventional Lights

If you’re looking to update the surgical suite in your medical facility, here are some advantages of surgical lights over conventional lights. Follow this brief guide to understand how your hospital can benefit from surgical lighting in order to provide the best care for each patient.

Brighter Hues

Surgical lighting tends to produce brighter and whiter hues than conventional lighting gives off. The color that lighting provides is critical to the success of a surgery because the medical professional needs to clearly see the patient’s tissue and color of the affected area. Otherwise, the surgeon may incorrectly treat the area.

When using surgical lighting, the healthcare professional can confidently determine the state of the patient and operate with full sight of the tissue.

Produces Less Heat

When a surgeon is operating on a patient, they may be working for hours at a time and may begin to feel uncomfortable if their temperature is too high. Conventional lights use electric currents to heat up the bulb, which is why they produce more heat than LED lighting.

Additionally, when heat is focused in one area for a specific period of time, the light can begin to dry out the patient’s organs or tissue, negatively affecting the impact of the surgery and potentially harming the patient.

Lower Cost

Surgical lighting uses LED (light-emitting diodes) technology to provide power to a room. LED lighting is a cost-effective solution to provide sufficient lighting to a surgery suite.

Diode lighting is more efficient because it uses approximately 75 percent less energy to power a light bulb as opposed to conventional lighting. This may save you additional time, cost, and effort to manage utility usage when it comes to operations.

When budgeting for surgical and exam lights, be sure to calculate all the pros and cons that are associated with them. The lighting you choose will have an immense effect on each surgery your medical office performs.

Be sure to consider the advantages of surgical lights over conventional lights to ensure your office is using the most efficient and high-performing equipment possible.