Benefits of Using C-Arm Technology in Medicine Today

Imagine walking into the medical office where you work and seeing outdated machines. Obviously, some upgrades are in order. When proposing a change, remember the benefits of using C-arm technology in medicine today. These machines move so that patients don't have to, making everyone’s lives easier. The C-arm machine can be lateral or horizontal.

On the top of the machine are laser aimers, which can be turned on through the control. Ensure that you check the grid and remove or add features as necessary! Finally, at the bottom of the machine is the x-ray source, which allows you to get quality imaging. It moves on its own and provides clear imaging that allows you to see what's going on.

Malleability To Patients

The C-arm technology allows more comfort for the patients. You will no longer have to assist your patience in turning over, which can cause more damage to the possibly broken or harmed area. The C-arm machine is malleable to your patience; it moves around easily to allow you to get the precise images and angles you need. Another benefit of the way the C-arm is constructed is that the patient receives fewer doses of radiation than is typical with other imaging technology.

Motorized Axis

A motorize axis is an excellent advancement in medicine because it allows you to see and control movements from up close and afar. They also come with a foot pedal that enables you to easily switch your view without worrying about sanitation. In addition, you can adapt the machine as necessary without doing much manual labor.

Intensified Images

A great reason to use C-arm technology in medicine today is that it provides intensified images. You will not have to spend so much time accessing the pictures before getting back to the patient. In addition, intensified imaging removes errors during procedures.

At All States M.E.D., we offer a C-arm fluoroscopy machine that you can use in your office. You can prevent port imaging and save more time by inspecting the technology you use before surgery and X-rays.