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Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Generator Unit

Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Generator Unit

Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Generator Unit

The Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Unit is an isolated output electrosurgical generator that provides the power for cutting, desiccating, and fulgurating tissue during surgery. The generator is used for bipolar and monopolar electrosurgical procedures. You can use handset or footswitch controls to activate the generator. Receptacles are marked to ensure the correct connection of accessories. Indicators alert you when the generator is activated. The Force FX™ allows you to adjust the activation tone volume and reset the mode and power settings used previously. An RF activation port, RS-232 serial port, and expansion port are also included. The Force FX™ can be used in conjunction with the Valleylab Force GSU System and the Valleylab Electroshield Monitor. Refer to the manuals provided with these products for more information.

Force FX Electrosurgical Unit Includes:

  • Monopolar
  • Foot switch
  • Bi-polar
  • Foot switch
  • Grounding Pad Hand Tip
  Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Unique Features:
  • Compatible with and used as the electrosurgical energy source for:
  • Dyonics* Control RF arthroscopic ablation system
  • Dyonics* Electroblade™ rotary resection system
  • Cook Vascular Perfecta™ EDS pacemaker lead extraction system
  • Compatible with, and the exclusive electrosurgical generator for, the Computer Motion Hermes Voice Command SystemInstant Response technology ensures that the
  • power delivered remains virtually constant, regardless of the tissue type
  • Improved performance at lower power settings minimizes the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation
  • Three internal microcontrollers reduce system reaction time and increase the system’s processing speed
  • Spray coagulation voltage of no more than 9000 volts peak-to-peak output for broad, but superficial coagulation with limited capacitive coupling
  • A Power Efficiency Rating (PER) of approximately 98 for accurate and consistent cut performance
  • Three cut modes, all controlled by Instant Response technology, offer surgeons a variety of choices
  • Low Cut for delicate tissue or laparoscopic cases
  • Pure Cut for a clean, precise cut
  • Blend for cutting with hemostasis
  • Four coag modes
  • Desiccate for low voltage contact coagulation suitable in laparoscopic and delicate tissue work
  • Fulgurate (high crest factor) for efficient noncontact coagulation in most applications
  • Fulgurate (low crest factor) for lower voltage coagulation requirements
  • Spray for coagulating large tissue areas with superficial depth of necrosis
  • Three bipolar modes
  • Precise, Standard, and Macrobipolar are controlled by the Instant Response™ system
  • Precise and Standard settings utilize low voltage to prevent sparking
  • Versatile system that is uniquely compatible with other devices, including:
  • Force Argon™ II and Force GSU™ argon coagulation system
  • CUSA EXcel™ and CUSA™ 200 ultrasonic surgical aspirators
  • OptiMumm™ smoke evacuator, through a direct cable link
  • Valleylab VLCM bipolar current monitor

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