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Schiller CARDIOVIT CS-200 Cardiopulmonary Stress

Schiller CARDIOVIT CS-200 Cardiopulmonary Stress

$ 49,999.00 $ 59,750.00

Schiller CARDIOVIT CS-200 Cardiopulmonary Stress Diagnostic System w/Interp, Power Cube Gas Analyzer (PWC) with Micro Fuel Cell with integrated gas analyzing and spirometry device, O2, CO2, Spiro ErgoScope, incl. Metabolic cart with 12-channel electrocardiograph menu-controlled suitable for practical applications and unparalleled ease-of-use.  The system records breath-by breath data and also intrabreath.  The CS-200 Ergo-Spiro can test children to adults, and patient to athletes.  PC software and Color Inkjet Printer, LF8 Software for storing, displaying and documenting of all cardio-pulmonary measurements. Standard unit including:  Power Cube Gas Analyzer 2.210093 - with built-in Micro Fuel Cell Option.  With O2 cell which has a quick rise time (<100 ms). It is completely insensitive against shock and measures highly accurate. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyzer with ambient module incl. PC software LF8.  Note:  Does not include Ergometer or Treadmill.  Sold Separately. Software Included: - SCHILLER resting ECG software with 12  simultaneous leads - SCHILLER ECG measurement software M - SCHILLER exercise ECG software EXEC - SCHILLER exercise ECG software EXEC plus - Rhythm recording in resting mode - QT Dispersion - Worklist - Enhanced pacemaker detection - Data Management software - PDF export software - HR trend export in EXCEL file -  Windows 7pro Embedded

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