If you are receiving any of the error codes listed below, you will need the help of a qualified laser technician:
Error/Fault Code “E3”: When operating one of the Lumenis-Lightsheer models, if this error message appears on screen, that means the device has a malfunctioning central processing unit (CPU). Unfortunately this  fault code means that the embedded computer board is in need of replacement. With a failed memory, the device will be unable to properly function and must be replaced before being able to use your LightSheer again.
Stuck in “Cooling Mode”: This issue may not display a fault code at all but this means that based on the results from the console’s energy detector, which measures the diode laser output, that it is too low. This is also referred to the equipment being stuck in “Cooling Mode.” If your equipment is stuck in cooling mode it won’t go into ready mode.
E6 (Over-Current, Diode Issue): If this fault code presents itself on screen, this may require a reset by the operator which is done by turning the system off and waiting half a minute before restarting. If the error message continues after a restart, you will probably need to replace the diodes. At this point get in contact with a laser technician – at Apex Medical Lasers, we carry OEM parts for faster turnarounds.
 E15 Calibration out of range: When this error code is present, that means the operating temperature is outside of the range calibrated for the device. With its internal temperature monitoring  system, this will lead to the system disabling operation until re-calibrated.


If you are receiving any of the error codes listed below, you will need the help of a qualified technician as these:
  • Error Code 14.1 and Code 14.2 – Power Supply:  These indicate a real problem with the power supply on your system.  It could mean a charge time out or a tolerance fault. The HPVS would need to be tested by a certified technician who has the proper equipment to run diagnostics and determine the root cause of the issue. You may need to replace the Power Supply at this point.
  • Error Code 6.1 – Calibration Issue: Calibration issues can be caused by a number of factors. Damaged or dirty windows or lenses, the laser head could be out of alignment, worn components, power input and output issues, fluid system issue other laser head issues. The system at this point would require further examination by an experienced laser repair technician.
  • 15.1 Power Issue: This could be caused by a number of underlying issues, again, it would require further diagnosis by a laser repair tech.