Essential Pieces of Equipment When Building a Surgery Suite

If you’re creating an operating room in your medical facility, there are a few things you’ll need. You may need a few essential pieces of equipment when building a surgery suite to ensure success and efficiency during medical procedures.

Proper Lighting

Proper medical-grade lighting is crucial when performing intricate and complex procedures. Today, many companies are creating LED surgical lighting as opposed to incandescent lighting.

Incandescent lighting uses almost 90% of energy to power the bulb’s heat rather than the lighting itself. This type of lighting also produces shadows, making it difficult for a surgeon to see the surgical site.

LED lighting produces less heat, bright white light, and it’s more energy-efficient to use, which proves especially beneficial as many medical professionals use it daily, for hours at a time.

Surgical Table

Every medical professional must have a surgical table in their operating room. When a patient arrives at your medical facility, it’s vital to ensure they’re supported on sturdy cushions and table pads. Patients need to rest on a flat surface to not further their injury during operation, so be sure to purchase high-quality cushions for your suite.

Surgical Booms

Many operating rooms may cause a professional to feel cramped because many large equipment pieces take up space in smaller rooms. A surgical boom is excellent for managing large equipment and keeping them in one area to make room in the surgery suite.

Sterilization Station

An essential piece of equipment for a surgery suite is a sterilization station that allows the medical staff to cleanse their hands and tools before, during, and after a procedure. However, this equipment isn’t just for a surgery suite; it’s important to include cleaning stations in all exam rooms.

Disposable Area

Be sure to include a disposable area where you can dispose of products used during an exam or procedure to avoid contamination.

Updated Technology

If you are using outdated medical equipment, you run the risk of injuring the patient. To operate successfully in the medical field, be sure to use updated technology that will enable you to be efficient in your exams.

Though some new equipment can be expensive, you can sell used equipment and outdated equipment to cut costs.

All medical offices must understand the essential pieces of equipment they need when building a surgery suite to ensure that each exam and procedure is efficient, smooth, and timely.