Autoclave Repairs

All States M.E.D. provides top of the line Autoclave Repairs which include:

  • Full equipment repair
  • Full restoration of medical equipment
  • Preventive maintenance options

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While autoclaves are robust devices, constant use can lead to wear and tear that damage components like gaskets, seals, and valves. Poor maintenance and hard water may damage heating coils prematurely. Damage may cause leaks or other malfunctions that compromise sterilization efficacy and efficiency.

Our cost-effective autoclave repair services minimize disruptions in your sterilization processes. Our highly skilled and certified technicians offer comprehensive repairs and preventive maintenance. Whether you require full equipment restoration or smaller repairs, we complete autoclave repairs in a timely manner.

Whether you work in a research or clinical setting, our services will restore your autoclave’s performance to ensure the sterilization of materials, equipment, and instruments. Maintain hygiene and safety standards with effective steam sterilization. Call us today to schedule autoclave repair services.