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Wallach LL100™ System (N2O) - Multi-tip Freezer
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Wallach LLCO2™ System (CO2) - Multi-tip Freezer
Wallach Zoom Series Colposcope
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Wallach Zoom Series Colposcope

These days, the medical company Wallach is now a part of the larger health care equipment provider known as CooperSurgical. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get recognition on its own. That’s why we’ve put together a page specifically for all the Wallach surgical devices we have to offer.

Wallach’s products range from equipment for gynecology all the way to equipment for vascular assessment. In our online store, though, we primarily focus on its cryosurgical equipment. From entire console systems to multi-tip freezers, we have it all. Be sure to take the time to look at all the Wallach surgical devices we have available for you.

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