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Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 Infusion Pump
Baxter 6301 Dual Pump Infusion

Infusion pumps offer versatility and convenience when delivering fluids at programmed rates. Our selection of infusion pumps for sale ensures that patients receive consistent treatment. Precision equipment is crucial for delivering fluids in controlled amounts.

You can find the right device in our inventory if you need to administer antibiotics, pain management medications, or any other fluids. Healthcare providers can easily set and adjust infusion rates, tailoring treatment to the patient’s requirements.

Our infusion pumps for sale include safety features, such as slide clamp options that protect against inadvertent gravity free flow, thereby minimizing the risk of drug or nutrient overdoses. Other features make it easier to operate the device, such as a computer interface that allows for remote monitoring and operation. Explore our selection of infusion pumps to improve healthcare delivery at your facility.

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