What To Look For in an Ideal Dental Chair

Your dental patients spend most of their time in your practice in the dental chair. You rely on the chair to keep them comfortable during preliminary exams and more complex procedures. Your dental chair’s capabilities also affect your work experience and physical comfort. Before deciding on what chair you should buy, find out what to look for in an ideal dental chair.

Supportive Design

Many people experience anxiety and discomfort during dentist visits. You can put your patients at ease by keeping them physically comfortable. Choose a dental chair that will support patients’ bodies from head to foot with ample padding. The headrest, armrests, and footrest should also keep patients at ease.

Positioning Capabilities and Accessibility

When you’re considering what to look for in an ideal dental chair, the importance of positioning capabilities can’t be overstated. By properly positioning the patient, you alleviate stress and fatigue in your own back and neck, making it easier for you to help your patients and creating a healthier work environment. Your ability to adjust the chair’s height, tilt, back section, and leg section also gives the chair the flexibility to support a wide range of patient body types. When you’re shopping for a chair, you should also consider the height and weight you need the chair to accommodate.

Easy Controls

The best dental chairs have controls that are easy to operate. Different chairs have different control types, such as automatic return-positioning buttons or foot-powered controls. Whatever the chair’s method, the controls should make adjusting the chair easy and smooth for you.

Accessories and Value

Don’t forget any accessories you might need. With some chairs, you have the option to buy accessories such as LED exam lights or specialty headrests. Depending on your budget and needs, buying these items with the chair can provide value to your practice.


Finally, your ideal dental chair should be easy to maintain. It should be made with a material that’s easy for you to keep clean. And since you and your patients will rely on the chair every day, buy from a reliable company that sells dependable products.

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