What To Look For in an Electric Exam Table

Powered exam tables increase efficiency and improve patient care, but the right table for your clinic depends on your specialty and patients’ needs. Continue reading to learn what to look for in an electric exam table so you can make the right investment for your practice.

Adjustable Components

Adjustable exam table components facilitate optimal patient care. A height-adjustable table gives care providers a better view of treatment sites and a better angle for performing procedures. Adjustable components can also help healthcare workers collect accurate data, such as when taking blood pressure measurements.

Adjustable tables also make it easier for patients of all mobility statuses to transfer to the bed. Patients who require minimal assistance can move more independently, and clinical personnel can work with less strain to transfer patients who need significant assistance. This is why adjustable furniture is key to improving exam rooms for ADA accessibility.

Comfortable Design

Purchasing agents should also consider comfortable designs when shopping for electric exam tables. Seats and backrests of all exam tables should comfortably support patients. Some exam tables include additional leg sections and armrests to help keep patients secure.

Think about the essential features your exam table should have based on your practice and patient demographics. Choose a table with an adequate weight capacity to help clients feel confident in the exam room.

Special Features

Finally, you should consider special features that can reduce provider strain, make procedures more efficient, and simplify maintenance. Some electric exam tables include a base with retractable wheels that make it easier to maneuver the table for cleaning and sanitizing. Foot and hand controls let personnel easily adjust the backrest and base to move patients into optimal exam positions.

Some tables allow providers to weigh patients on the exam table, which is especially beneficial for facilities that want to integrate vital measurements into a more efficient workflow. Weighing on the exam table rather than in a separate space streamlines an essential process and can help minimize office congestion.

All States M.E.D. carries electric exam tables that improve patient transfers and positioning. Whether you want ample storage or improved weight capacity, we have the equipment for your clinic. Shop with us today for high-quality powered tables.