The Different Types of Medical Exam Tables

Whether you’re just starting your new practice or you’re replacing some outdated equipment, examination tables are an essential part of any medical facility. However, it can be challenging to pin down which one you should get. Also, depending on your practice, you might need a few kinds. That’s why we’re happy to bring you our list of the different types of medical exam tables and their various uses.

Standard Exam Tables

Standard exam tables are used by almost all medical practices since they’re very flexible in their usage. With adjustable back and footrests, you can have your patient lay in any position you need them to be in for examination. The tables also come with multiple cabinets and drawers for easy access to the necessary tools you’ll need when patients visit.

They come in two different types: manual and powered. Manual tables are more of a budget option, but they are capable of most of the movement options of other tables, even if you have to move them yourself. On the other hand, power medical exam tables are the more versatile option since they can easily stop in any potion with the press of a button. Some models can even raise or lower the entire table. If you are interested in this option for your facility, check out our selection on our online store.

Bariatric Exam Tables

These exam tables are very similar to standard ones, but they have a sturdier build and better movement controls. This is due to the fact that they are for patients who exceed 500 pounds. If you specialize in treatments for heavier people or you seem to have more than average heavy-set patients, this might be the way to go for all your tables.

Operating Tables

Also known as surgical tables, these are primarily used during operations. If you have a surgical department in your practice, these will be a necessity. They’re designed to keep a patient flat and still while they’re being operated on. Operating tables usually come with straps to hold the patients still when needed. Some models come with wheels on the base so surgeons can quickly move the table in the case of an emergency.

Imaging Tables

If you deal have maternity doctors on staff, they will greatly appreciate an imaging table. Imaging tables can come with stirrups which are useful for working with pregnant women during ultrasounds and when they’re in labor. These tables have other purposes, though. They can be used in radiology for procedures such as MRIs and CT scans or, in specific cases, surgery.

Treatment Tables

This is definitely the most different type of medical exam table on our list. Treatment tables typically get used in massage parlors, which probably isn’t a service you offer to your everyday patients. However, if you have a physical therapy unit, these have much more practical applications. On top of being a place to work on the area of a patient going through physical therapy, doctors can use these tables for standard examinations as well. They are ideal because most models can get lowered, so the injured person to get on and off easier.