The 5 Most Common Myths About Medical Equipment

Buying medical devices for your healthcare facility can be complicated, but accurate information makes it easier to find the right equipment. Empower your decision-making by understanding the truth regarding the five most common myths about medical equipment.

1. It’s Better To Wait To Get a Device

Sometimes, buyers assume it’s better to delay purchasing a new or replacement device for as long as possible. They might believe that waiting improves their chance of getting a better price or a newer equipment model.

However, once you know you need a new or replacement device, you should start shopping around. Unless waiting provides a specific, guaranteed benefit, it’s often better to buy the device when you know you’ve found what you want.

2. Medical Equipment Can’t Attract New Patients

Another common myth about medical equipment is that it can’t attract new patients. In truth, new or refurbished devices can improve the quality and efficiency of diagnosing and treating patients. These factors improve patient satisfaction, which can help attract new patients.

You can also bring in new patients by extending your healthcare services with newly purchased equipment. Performing services that aren’t readily available with other providers can help your practice stand out.

3. New Is Always Better Than Refurbished

Many people believe that new equipment is always better than refurbished pieces. While new devices offer the latest features and advancements, refurbished equipment might be the best option for your office.

Refurbished equipment is a cost-effective, reliable alternative to brand-new devices. A qualified and reputable supplier will make the right adjustments and repairs, then test the equipment to ensure accurate functionality. Evaluate your healthcare facility’s needs and budget to decide whether new or refurbished works best for you.

4. Price Is the Most Important Decision Factor

Whether buying new or refurbished, price is not the most important decision factor when shopping for medical equipment. Quality, functionality, and compatibility with existing systems are crucial factors to evaluate.

Invest in high-quality equipment that meets your healthcare facility’s requirements to improve workflows and provide the best patient care. Talk to your supplier about your practice’s needs to find equipment with the right functionality.

5. Supplier Quality Is of Secondary Importance

Finally, the myth that supplier reliability is of secondary importance to medical equipment quality can result in buyer frustration. The supplier’s reliability can significantly impact equipment acquisition and use.

Shop with a qualified supplier for a smooth purchasing experience. All States M.E.D. is an established used medical supplies store, and we take pride in helping our customers shop confidently. Find your new or refurbished medical equipment with us today.