Reasons To Buy Used Medical Equipment

You might think buying new equipment is the obvious choice, but have you considered all the various reasons to buy used medical equipment? A common misconception about used machines is that they are old and in bad shape. This couldn’t be more untrue! Many used machines are in great condition and will deliver the same results as a new machine. As a business, there are many things to consider when making a purchase, and time and money are undoubtedly contributing factors in those decisions. Buying used medical equipment cuts time and cost while maintaining quality standards.

You Save Money

Saving money is one of the best reasons to buy your medical equipment pre-owned. Whether you’re just starting your practice or need to replace your current equipment, there are ways to save money. Buying used equipment allows you to provide patients with the same care as you would with new equipment for a fraction of the price. There may also be an option to finance your equipment, which allows you to set up monthly payments for your purchases. In general, buying used equipment can really cut your costs.

It’s Environmentally Conscious

Another factor to consider when buying medical equipment is the environmental impact. Buying and discarding new equipment every few years creates more waste. From start to finish, the manufacturing process impacts our environment. While this process is necessary for many reasons, we can easily reduce how often we purchase new machines and supplies. Reducing our carbon footprint is another one of the reasons to buy used medical equipment.

You Replace Equipment Sooner

Because used equipment is so much less expensive than new, going this route will also save you time and frustration. When a piece of your equipment breaks down, any projects that require that machine come to a standstill. You don’t have time to wait for the next budget meeting or foster fundraising efforts to offset costs; you need a replacement immediately. Buying a used machine is much more likely to fit within an existing budget, allowing you to replace equipment much sooner instead of waiting weeks or months for a new machine. For many businesses, avoiding downtime takes priority. Ordering a used machine will allow you to do just that.

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