Maintenance Tips To Keep Exam Tables and Chairs in Top Shape

Hundreds of patients pass through exam tables each day, so the cleaning and maintenance of exam tables and chairs is the utmost important duty of a medical professional. Keep your patients safe and healthy while meeting essential health codes by following these maintenance tips to keep your exam tables and chairs in top shape.

Mobile Exam Tables

Mobile exam tables are utilized for ease of moving from one location to another. These tables can be quickly collapsible. These exam tables are perhaps the easiest to sanitize and maintain due to their lockable casters that make for smooth accessibility. Because professionals move and adjust the table daily, you’ll need to perform a routine examination to avoid damage and maintain proper use.

Procedure Exam Tables

You must ensure that you regularly clean and sanitize your procedure table. Medical staff perform many procedures on this table, so you want to ensure each patient can lie on a safe table after each operation. The unique features of procedure tables include adjustment and safety switches.

To maintain your procedure table, you’ll need to ensure that all electrical wiring is operating efficiently to prevent potential harm to your patients.

For example, the safety switch is similar to a garage sensor in which it can detect blockage and stop moving immediately. If this switch is not correctly maintained, your patient can get hurt if their finger gets caught while the table is moving.

Many power medical exam tables (and chairs) come equipped with safety features that you must maintain daily to ensure your patients’ safety.

Pediatric Exam Tables

Pediatric exam tables are typically colorful and have animals and similar images to comfort children during their medical exams. During exams, children tend to fidget when they’re anxious, so they may tamper with the table.

To ensure your pediatric exam table remains in top shape, you’ll want to routinely clean the table and ensure that all of its features are working correctly after each exam.

ADA Exam Tables

Some patients may have trouble getting onto the table and need assistance; this is where the ADA exam table comes in. Most medical facilities have ADA exam tables to ensure that all patients feel comfortable while resting on the table. The electric lift allows the patient to step up to the table without difficulty.

Keep your ADA exam tables in top shape by fixing loose boxes on the table right away to avoid patient injury and clean the boxes after each use.

To operate a successful medical office, follow the above maintenance tips to keep your exam tables and chairs in top shape. Your patients will benefit from well-maintained equipment and trust you to provide proper care.